Alexandra Sherman

Image: Each image was taken on film the past year. I worked to document the smaller moments in life as they are often overlooked. The photos include even the most minute things, such as the leaves covering the side of the road on a fall day; the things that make you smile and you wish could last forever. Turning these photos into cyanotype prints, I didn't lose the nostalgia a film photo gives. These photos were inverted, exposed, and put in grayscale before printing on large pieces of transparent film.
Image: Every cyan-colored material in this collection has been hand-printed by me using the photographic printing process of cyanotype. Cyanotype works best with natural materials, one of the reasons I choose denim, a natural cotton fiber dyed with indigo.
Image: The coat in this collection is covered in over 15,000 individual placed feathers. This coat was a time-consuming process, which I worked on for a few months. I would feather in 8 to 10 hour periods. Under the feathers are over 100 individual gathered and sewn pieces of tulle. Securing the feathers to the tulle creates fullness and depth to the garment. The feathers replicate denim fringe from afar. By mixing different shades of indigo, I was able to achieve a similar look. My goal was to offset the structure and texture of denim with something light and delicate.


Alexandra Sherman is a fashion designer

who's found a passion for print work. She has

a vast love for all forms of design and has an

affinity for printing on fabrics and creating her

own textiles through the photographic printing

process. Her work is very personal, and she

hopes outsiders can find comfort in it as she

does. Alexandra enjoys beginning her designs

with influence from American workwear and

masculine shape and juxtaposing the style with

delicate materials and feminine styling.