Ana Cano

Video: 1 minute trailer of HILANDERA, a short-documentary produced by RESET. 
Directed by Mateo Martinez.
A work in collaboration with Ana Cano.


Esp: ‘Hilandera’ (ee-lahn-deh-rah)
masc. fem.
1. A person whose job is to spin silk, wool, cotton or other textile fibers into a thread.
2. In Roman mythology, it represented Roman female characters who spun, reeled and cut the thread of people's lives.

‘Hilandera’ is not just a collection about the creative process of finding inspiration in a part of Colombia's history and roots. Rather, it’s a personal tribute and a celebration to the artisans of the Boyacá region who, among mountains upholstered in green and brown, have spun and woven for decades a garment that in Colombia we call ruana.

Within each ruana lives the time, the emotion, and the illusion of the hands of each artisan that was part of its genesis. From the person who cared for and sheared the sheeps wool, who then later tensioned the wool so that it could be spun into a thread, so that one day a weaver could join those threads on the loom along with the dreams and visions of what his piece would be. The ruana not only represents an artisan tradition, but is also a symbol of Colombia and Latin America. Of the daily life, dress and culture of the Andes.
Image: Photograph by Fernando Cano, ‘The size of solitude’. Tota, Boyacá, 2009.
Image: Photograph by Fernando Cano, ‘Good Fellows’. Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, 2012.
Image: Photograph by Fernando Cano, ‘Hats’. Corrales, Boyacá, 1981.
Video: HILANDERA editorial film produced by RESET
Directed by Mateo Martinez
In collaboration with Ana Cano
Model: Sofia Cordoba


Ashely Thompson

Sofia Cordoba
Image: LOOK 01
Image: LOOK 02
Image: LOOK 03.2


Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Ana Cano is currently graduating from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design and a minor in Creative Entrepreneurship. As a designer she strives to be conscious of her desired outcomes, by relying on her own lived experiences, cultural backgrounds, and values to better depict society. Colombia, writing, politics, history, and art will always be essential elements in her eternal seek for inspiration. She wishes to find purpose in her work, intention in her designs, and passion in all that she creates, by learning from people, their needs, their desires, their mannerisms. So that maybe one day she might find the answers to create work that can have a positive impact.