Andrea Clara



Unintentionally, I began my weaving journey in 2019. I had some leftover ropes and yarns, so I decided to make a cardboard loom to weave them, and with that simple exercise, I was hooked. Soon after, I started weaving on a floor loom where I found a powerful, yet humble expression in the creation of textiles.
Throughout this process, I had to give up control and allow the textiles to determine the final form, learning to identify the character of each material and how they work best. Today, my design practice relies in a silent conversation with the ancient craft of weaving, it is a new dimension in synchrony with the constrains of the loom, yet unbound with possibilities.
Image: ZALIO x Andrea Clara collaboration.


Andrea Clara was born and raised in the Spanish city of Barcelona, where since young, she established a strong identity with Mediterranean style, colors and culture. Her design practice is inspired by the process of making itself, with the aim to transmit and manifest the joy of craftsmanship. Her process relies heavily on producing handwoven textiles, hand knits and accessories with discarded materials from the fashion industry.