Angela Kaixing Li


The Unconscious Restraints

May. 08. 2022
Video: 30s concept video
Image: Concept Image


Everyone is living in a world of unconscious restraints, and mentally and physically effects by the invisible rules. Money, which can easily shackle one’s freedom of life, embroidered with designs of garments as patterns and fabrications, and simultaneously works as a symbolism of the thesis with the tangled elastic and inflated vinyl bubbles.
The overall collection demonstrates an abstract visualization of constraints with a plain color palette and minimalist aesthetic, and interpret the spontaneous obedient under unconscious restraints. The minimalist design also compromises the impact of visual, and leaves an inclusive space for the imagination of audience.

Experimentation of daily restraints

A series of experimentations to explore the relationship between individual and restrains by doing daily tasks out of the ordinary circumstances.
The experimentation of breaking through restrains and rules in a physical way makes I realized that the majority of the people are comfortablly living under these unconcious rules of life.
Image: Experimentation #1 The Unexpected moves
Image: Experimentation #2 The Unexpected moves-Wholefood Market
Image: Line up
Image: Look 4
Image: Look 2 Details
Image: Look 3 Details
Image: Full Products
Image: Product 2


Angela. K. Li, class 2022 fashion design majored student graduated from Parsons School of design, and continuing her journey in New York City. Aiming to coordinate minimalist design with her unique creativity to develop timeless artworks.