Angelina Grigorian



Angelina, is an Armenian-American artist and apparel designer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Angelina is directly inspired by the subcultures of Los Angeles specifically looking into the details of urban environments of the cities she has inhabited over the course of her life. Completing the first two years of her degree in Parsons Paris, she transferred to the New York campus to expand her world, as she was able to grow as an artist, learning both French and American techniques of fashion. 

The start to her design process is her collection of archived images she photographs, which include content of  overlooked realities that surround us as a population, as she takes these instances and communicates a personal connection to these realities through her designs. She continues to document the damage in the present world by communicating through apparel. Grigorian aspires to contribute her creative developments and ideas working for a grade design team, based in New York or Paris.