Becca Flood

Image: A cozy flannel pant that can easiy styled up with a cable knit sweater for work or bruch or styled down for doing work around the house. 
Image:  Classic denim, free of spandex and elastaine. Hip cut outs fit for the hands of a lover.


CAN WE REST HERE is Becca Flood’s premier collection of ready-to-wear, designed with the pre-fall climate of Hudson Valley, NY in mind. Each garment was designed with the intention of not only existing in the thin line of balance between urban study/work and Flood’s rural upbringing, but also attempting to bridge them.  
  Producing this collection by Flood’s own hand was a cathartic undertaking, as it gave her something tangible to alter and rework as she attempted (and is still attempting) to understand the complex differences between rural vs. urban histories, as well how fashion, education, and life as a whole functions differently within each community type. The bulk of the research done focused specifically on the relationship between the rural Hudson Valley and New York City, as the two areas were bonded long before either was colonized. 
Image: Jokingly and later lovingly named the Pastry Dress as it reminds me of uncooked dough, of something with lots of potential, something waiting to rise...


The rest of the collection can be viewed @beccafloodd on instagram or the links below. Flood has already begun working on her next collection.