Blasian Womack

Video: Self documenntary short shot and edited by Alex Huynh for Blasian Womack's Ripple Marks of Wanderer collection. This is a small introduction to who Blasian Womack is while teasing his exit collection from Parsons School of Design. Models featured in this video are Timothy Ng, Ashley Karolyn, and Angelie Reinoso.


Throughout this pandemic, I have had a lot time to self reflect and reevaluate who I was as a person and how I could continue to grow in the various aspects of my life. This unique situation has translated my art simultaneously; as art is a tangible form of ones inner self expanding from a vast array of ideas, thoughts and emotions.
In this collection I will showcase perspective. A perspective from a space cowboy. A wanderer having the freedom to roam several environments while finding value in the things that he finds along the way while continuously and meticulously carving the path in front of him. This collection is a reminder to those to take comfort in this journey of life. To enjoy it,  because the essence of life is about sharing memories along the way.
Image: Moodboard
Image: Collaging already existing garements to explore new silhouettes and layering technniques.
Image: Studying pre-exsiting clothing silhouettes and making adjustment notes.
Image: Astral development motif. 3D rendered cross on the right done by @AdomOriginal on Instagram.
Image: Early stages of print development and silhouette. The goal was to establish a color palette and print usage, if any.
Image: All photos contributed above were taken by Aijah Raye, Alex Huynh, Foday Bitaye, and Lilly Gorman.
Image: Aijah Raye captured BTS of thesis trailer. Omar Aly (On the left) and Danyele Bennett (On the right)


Blasian Womack is a New York based interdisciplinary artist with a focus in fashion

design. Inspired by the constant moving and adaptation of his childhood, his work is

concerned with combatting fast fashion. His design technique includes combining the

concepts of narrative and functionality to serve a user's purpose while connecting them to

a greater community. Blasian seeks to build this community by continuing to work with

friends and family throughout every project of his career with the ultimate goal of turning

his imagination into reality. This will not only ensure his success, but also the people

around him.