George Kacharava

Image: Quilted velvet coat paired with printed silk pants and silk waistcoat.
Image: Shirred velvet jacket with black coque feathers, paired with 19th century-style men's striped silk shirt.


George Kacharava is an undergraduate thesis student at Parsons School of Design completing a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in fashion design. George is from the Republic of Georgia and was raised in an artistic family. He has always been fascinated by art and art history and it informs a great deal of his work. Fashion history in particular is a consuming hobby of his and he prides himself on his knowledge of it. frequent themes in his work are dialogues between the past, present, and future, as well as the ways cultures understand and engage with the people within and without them. Primarily self-taught due to the coronavirus pandemic, George enjoys and is excited by craft-based work, but his main strength is in his willingness to and love of research. To him, there is nothing more exciting than uncovering and implementing the extensive knowledge and depth available out in the world.

George Kacharava's thesis collection was based on the 12th century Georgian epic poem "The Knight in Panther Skin." The collection utilized historical patterns to develop new and exciting silhouettes, meticulous construction using complex techniques, and rich fabric manipulations such as quilting and shirring.