Giannina Gomez

Image: Look 1: Cotton Novelty Print
Image: Look 2: Recyled Yarn
Image: Look 3: Towels
Image: Look 4: Fast Fashion Stripe Knit
Image: Look 5: Underwear and Ball Gowns
Image: Look 6: Denim
Image: I had spent summer 2021 helping my friend in in Santo Domingo with her secondhand & vintage store, and later interning for Tiempo De Zafra (Look them up!). Both of these experiences took me to the flea market often, searching for clothes and material.
Image: Back in New York, clothes is tossed out everywhere and anywhere. The piles began to be a source of insperation


Gigi is a multidisciplinary artist who integrates elements of performance, film and costume into fashion, applied through an ecological lens. Her theatrical pieces are made almost exclusively from repurposed waste. An avid environmentalist, her work explores the ways in which fashion can be used as a tool to initiate social change. Gigi embraces the absurd through humor and chaos and experiments with whimsical satire, resulting in garments that are excessive, explosive and grotesque.