Huihui Hu



Feeding the whole world needs enormous resources. The improvement in technology leads our nature to a more efficient system.
In my thesis, I m going to use the elements in the nature: Wood, Water, and, Earth, to depict the relationship between  the universe and people.
Image: collection line up


Starch can be made from CO2 which help reduce poverty, the electric cars are taking over traditional cars faster than we expected.
Human development and sustainability are like two objects on the balance. I believe a equilibrium point will finally be made. 
Image: Thus, I want to combine them with the shapes from calculus to create my whole collection, bring artificial and nature together. In this way, I elaborate my understanding of the balance between human beings and the universe. 


We invented calculus, to help us better understand the universe.
I used the geometric shapes from the calculus coordinates to show the technological part of human beings.
Image: I ask my Maths minored friend: Tommy Huang, to work with the function and coordinates

In depth design process

I get my sketches by collaging the ruffles and the geometric shapes together.
I combine the virtual and realistic experiment together to get the very precise data for pattern making.
Image: Pattern making


I did lots of experiment to get sustainable textile.
My textile mainly used ice dye technique, which I belive shows the nature part in my thesis.
The comparison of the three ice dye process are under the control variable methods.
In this way, I learn how to get different texture.
Image: Dye experiment
In order to get different colors, I add rusty liquid to my ice dye process.
I also make texilte from paper. Paper is made from Wood, which is another very important natural element other than water.
Image: Dye experiment


Huihui Hu, born and raised in Shanghai, China, developed strong interest in fashion since childhood. Her personality is categorized as: ENTP, a debater. Despite her passion in aesthetics, she follows strong sense of logic and thinks critically.

By combining both rationally and visually, she is fond of mix and match trends. With extensive experiences in fashion and marketing industry, she learns how to target customers, cultivates her unique fashion sense and aims to apply her creativity in her future work.