Kylie Michelle


Thesis Statement

My collection is inspired by the stimulation of the senses and nature landscapes. The goal of my collection is to make pieces that create a bigger experience for the wearer than typical clothes. Through my research, I have created a collection that uses information from color psychology, aromatherapy, sensory triggers, and sensory products to create garments that feel interactive. Each garment is crafted with specific materialities to incorporate the use of one of the senses. I intend to connect mind and body together through the triggering of the senses and because of the connection to mind and body, it felt right to pull extra inspiration from nature specifically nature landscapes. I interpreted these beautiful and natural images into color, form, and pattern throughout my collection. Further, in my process, I realized the importance of technology and the manmade and its impact, so many of my natural inspirations have been made to look pixelated and digitized. All these ideas put together have created this fun, bright, slightly avant-garde collection.