Lexie Rider


Thesis Statement

This thesis explores the concept of memory and nostalgia. When thinking about these elements I started reflecting on my childhood and memories of the past, I later realized that there wasn’t too much to remember. Through this process of personal reflection, I have come to terms with the idea that my friends, family, and the people I surround myself with are the ones recording my memories and experiences.
I do not take many photos nor journal, so my personal experiences live in the camera rolls and journals or diaries of those whom I surround myself with. This led to an immense amount of self exploration, thinking about the different ways that people perceive me, and how I can put my mark onto different elements in order to notate and have records from my perspective of my lived experiences. This is the exploration of how I will bring my memories to their physical form in the purest, way that I can, while maintaining the concept of distortion and remembering that certain memories may be misleading or incorrect.
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