Tarana Amin



/ˈSHəktē/ noun.
Strength, Power and Energy, commonly identified with a Divine Feminine
I am one of the lucky ones. I was born into a family who wanted a daughter and daughter alone. I never realized that this was something unusual in India until I was much older. People in India have often held the belief that a boy is an asset and a girl a liability and when such discrimination begins even before birth, change cannot come easily.
The purpose of the collection, Shakti, is to redefine traditional norms to portray the strength and independence of modern women.
My research on Draupadi and Indian women in general, led me to the significance of Indian jewelry and adornments. Indian jewelry has always meant something more than just social status and wealth within society. It symbolizes passing down of traditions, security and financial independence for the female.
Image: Exploration of jewelry in accessible materials such as Acrylic and Metal Rings, and process of Lasercutting & Handlinking
Image: Modernizing traditions through pixelating a traditional Indian brocade fabric
This collection integrates essentials from traditional Indian and modern New Yorker culture to form a beautiful collision and to cater to the contemporary woman.
It aims to redefine the symbol of the ‘chain’ to create a unique materiality that symbolizes strength and power through adornments for women. The chain pieces, created by laser cutting acrylic sheets, are more than just adornments. They are a means to create a balance between the traditional and the modern, the past and the present, and the intricate and the minimal.
To all the women out there, your shakti is undeniable.


Tarana Amin is a designer, artist and storyteller. Her work is guided by her strong belief in using fashion and art as a medium to inspire stories and empower women. There is always an underlying presence of her home, India and its rich culture. In her work, she looks through history and crafts, memories and photographs to inspire her and to redefine traditions through a mere piece of clothing. Her collections create a space in tradition to be bold, brave and playful in ways that are liberating and dangerous.