Tianying Zhu


Thesis Statement

The name of my collection is 'Esthetic over Aesthetic.' By analyzing the data on millennials' lifestyles, the popularity of color after Covid-19, and research keywords for garments, I realized that consumers are looking for a more comfortable and slow-down lifestyle with a choice of neutral color. Moreover, we can find that more designers used the concept of 'Utopia" as their inspiration on their Spring/Summer 2022 runway shows. From those data analyses, I conclude and forecast that the fashion industry's future will focus on the idea of 'Raw and Natural.'
I believe that nowadays, having a product that is just pretty is no longer enough. People put esthetic over aesthetic and will make purchase choices based on this approach. Thus, it motivated me to explore degradable BioFabric and devote myself to sustainability. Apart from the gelatin, I also get inspired by the round shape, which can perfectly represent nature. It is the shape that can appear everywhere in the rural area. I tried to create my natural utopia by combining the volumed bubbles and the degradable gelatin on tan-colored organza.

Technical Description

The bio fabric has two parts, gelatin mixer, and organza bubbles. By using a heat gun and spherical mold, I am able to shape the organza. To create the degradable textile, I use boiled water to dissolve the gelatin. Then add soap and glycerin into the mixer. Soap can create bubbles and glycerin will moisten the gelatin. After that, I use a straw to blow air into the liquid and create bubbles. When playing with the recipe of the bio fabric I found that different weights have diverse effects.
Thus, the biggest challenge is to balance the ratio of gelatin and water to make it fordable and sewable. When there is more Gelatin(30g Gelatin and 105g Water), the fabric will be thicker and hard. Bubbles will be smaller and less. When there is more water(25g Gelatin and 130g Water), the fabric will be softer and thinner with larger bubbles. After multiple experiments, I got the 'Golden recipe' to create this bio fabric that has the ideal softness for garment making.
Video: The beginning of the video is about my trip
to Pennsylvania where I found myself having
a strong connection with nature.


Tianying Zhu, born in shanghai. She is an Aquarius, i.e., she is progressive, idealistic, unique, and intelligent. This zodiac sign has a constellation comparable to that of Christian Dior, an ideal constellation for designers and artists. Tianying is also a night owl, and she always seem to be more productive and inspired at night as an artist.  

  She is jumping, loving freedom, and most importantly erratic. Tianying's interest in one thing always came fast and was gone fast. All of those personalities reflect in her artworks. Her memories tell her that the only thing that she insisted on for almost 20 years is drawing. This brings Tianying into the palace of art.