Vicky Duanyan Chen



Vicky Duanyan Chen is a Suzhou-born and New York-based fashion designer and illustrator. Many of her work focuses on exploring daily objects and scenes, time and movement. She discovers, collects, and creates inspired by the transient moments and aesthetics hidden in everyday life. She fuses her artistic vision and experiences to the creation, seeking to deliver a sense of wittiness, effortlessness, delight, and distinctiveness to the audience. Her explorations involve both 2D and 3D with multiple media such as paintings, garments, and films.

In her recent collection, Chen explored forms of identities through her observations of ephemeral moments that repeatedly happen in life. Her approach of observing in the third person led her to bring the accustomed objects and moments into the designs - a practice of appreciating the aesthetics of normality and ordinariness.