William Park



Image: Yiyuan Zhang in [Frequency]^5 Dress
Image: [Frequency]^5 Sneakers


Everytime I leave my apartment, I noticed that I always wear either earphones or headphones no matter where I go. This collection seeks to explore that routine action that I seem to overlook on a daily basis and dive deeper as to how sounds create comfort through the musical rule of tempo/beat.

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Image: process of [Audio-fluid]^5 necklace design
Image: process of [Frequency]^5 sneaker design
Image: process of [Audio-fluid]^5 vest and [Static]^5 skirt
Image: process of [Soundwave]^5 skirt and tank
Image: process of [Osci-wave]^5 dress and [Static]^5 windbreaker
Image: process of [Oscillator]^5 Dress
Image: process of [Frequency]^5 dress
"visualised sound should be able to possess qualities of unevenness, such as static or noise. At the same time, it should also have qualities of regulation that is governed by tempo/beat."
Special thanks to :

Yiyuan Zhang
Abigail Black
Xiaojing Wang
Ruo Fei Lyu
Rachel Lee

Yuntong Li
Yujin Kim
Clara Moon
Keyi Zhao
Yolanda Zhou




Due to growing up in Canada, William feels disconnected with his Korean and Taiwanese culture. He hopes to integrate his passion of music creation, fashion design, and photography together as a means to connect with people and capture memories such as those he missed.

He lives in New York City and Vancouver.