Yun Qiu



This project is based on the idea of reincarnation, referring to that people’s spirits go into other newborn beings and continues their life. To Joanna, it is also corresponding to the cycles and circular shapes in the nature, indicating an endless succession of birth and growth.

So, she started with researching imagery of body movements of people and growth patterns of the natural beings and scenery, found the logical path of things moving and growing, and brought that into her design as continuation in draped sheer fabrics and circulation of artificial hair braids. Knits and fishnets are involved to represent the bonds and connections between different people and their life paths.

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I started with researching imagery of body movements of people and growth patterns of the natural beings and scenery and found the logical path of things moving and growing through research.

Image: Portfolio - Title Page

Portfolio - Mood Board

Image: To undertand reincarnation, which is an religious concept towards life and death. I looked at natural growth and development.

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Color choices

I’m inspired by natural colors like brown, yellow, green, and a bit of blue, which all comes from my inspiration imagery, and my perception for reincarnation.

Image: I found these figures in ancient meandor belts,
which depicts the change in river shapes over years,
and they could be really different,
rather has a law in it.

Image: I also research about the terrace fields in China,
since it was bulit part by part and therefore has a broken feeling.
Image: Portfolio - Inspiration pages

Compared to Fibonnachi Shape,
the shape of annual rings are less organized and goes on and on.

Image: Reincarnation does have some kind of connection to real life,
as it could be defined as different paths and possibilities,
which could be recorded by time lapse photography.

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Fabric board

Knits are involved to represent the bonds and connections between different people and their life paths. The collection is all ready-to-wear for spring and summer, so light-weighted fabrics are used for all looks.

Image: Portfolio - Fabric Board

Draping practices

I brought my research about moving and echoing patterns into my design as continuation and circulation in draped sheer fabrics. I draped each piece of fabric according to its transparency and the shades it makes with the wrinkles, to “paint” with the sheers.

Image: Portfolio - draping process

Image: Portfolio - Draping practices

Based on the idea of shift, I tried with different sheer fabrics.

Image: Lookbook Pages 11-12

Image: Lookbook Pages 13-14

Fabric Manipulation Practices

Hair as part of people’s body, but it lasts longer and takes more time to decompose than other parts of the body, and it grows obviously with time passing by, regardless of people’s ages and physical qualities.

Image: Portfolio - Hair Weaving experiments

Image: Portfolio - Hair Weaving Experiments

Image: It is flexible and able to be treated as fibers, so I tried to braid them and do some weaving and macrame, but they didn’t really stay through these. At last, I do hand sewing to keep the draped shapes of hair piece.

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Image: Lookbook Pages 17-18

Colored skteches

For the final collection, I combined my experiments and practices on sheer fabric and hair braid drapes, to be developed into the final design. I use materials of different softness and sheerness to form visuals of lines and planes, and to represent the potential travel of people from time to time, and from space to space.
Image: Portfolio - Colored Sketches

Image: Portfolio - Look 2 Process

Image: Portfolio - Look 3 Process

During the early stage of making the final collection, I decided to start with linear constructed pieces, including hair braided and fishnet weaved vests. Firstly, I draped them over the mannequin, and then I either knot or hand sew to connect the hair pieces and trims.

Image: Lookbook Pages 19-20

Image: Lookbook Pages 21-22

Combination between fabric and hair pieces

After making the hair and trim pieces, I started to combine and style them with basic fabrication such as knits and sheers. I did some drape and collage to see the final results and to decided the final look.

Image: Portfolio - Combination experiments

Image: Portfolio - Knit and Sheer with Hair Piece

Image: I tried with tulles, organze and loose knit, and decide to use the cotton knit, as it is responding to the hair braids, as well as not distracting people from it.

Image: Lookbook Pages 23-24


Joanna is a Chinese fashion designer based in Shanghai, pursuing a professional career in fashion.

She interned at Madame Figaro China, assisting daily in the preparation of cover shoots and social media promotions, and worked at Tube Showroom, dedicating her professional interest to the promotion of Chinese fashion designers to global buyers. Then she joined designer Susan Fang’s team and took part in the preparation of upcoming seasons.

Joanna is interested in combining crafts with the exploration of creative possibilities in fashion. She is vigilant toward social and environmental phenomena, which she will continuously discuss in her future design practices.