Won Choi

Fashion Product

Thesis Statement

New York is referred to as a “concrete jungle” by many. The towering skyscrapers is one of the reasons, but the feeling of being trapped in a jungle like environment is also something that one can’t ignore. When I first came to New York, I saw hundreds of New Yorkers from all boroughs coming into the Big Apple for work. Not all but many of them had a solemn and grim face. However, when I visited Central Park, the atmosphere was completely different. Faces that were apprehensive about whatever they had encounter was no longer visible. After multiple trips to the park, I became to realize that Central Park was an area that gave everyone in New York the power and means to go on.
Central Park is like an oasis in the middle of the desert, the sunlight that shines down in the deepest darkest cave. It is at the essence of allowing New Yorkers to sustain their life and happiness. It is the one place where people can escape from their worldly troubles and truly focus on what is important to them. This is the reason why I chose Central Park as the theme of my project; The Mirage. Central Park, the symbol of place that is physically exist, and give a peaceful afterimage in everyone’s heart. Let’s dive into the nature in this concrete grid world.


Born in Seoul, South Korea, 1995.

Currently residing in Long Island City, New York.

BFA Fashion Design from Parsons Design School.


He is specialized in 3D digital works and making. He also very interested in jewelry design, especially fine Jewelry with precious gemstone, and it is affected by his mother who is in Jewelry Design industry in South Korea. Since he was a child, he has seen variety of jewelry made of precious metal and Gemstones. This experience led him to the jewelry world. Now he is working on his fine jewelry collection which is about the 3D structural relationship between New York and Central Park.