Brinda Grover



Brinda Grover is a multimedia visual artist and creative based in Brooklyn. She pursued a BFA in Fashion Design (Pathway: Materiality) at Parsons School of Design.

She uses textiles - translucent/sheer materials, bold colors and extensive research to create introspective imagery. The research is often based on body, space, time, emotion, sex and gender. Through her work, she embraces her contradicting emotions and creates a space to layout conflict. As they say, “the only way out is through.”

I like abstracting the standard idea of body objectification. Redirecting focus from the parts of my body that have been in painful communication with the male gaze and pushing the idea that bodies are just that- bodies.

I don’t like using the word fat but sometimes it’s the only word you can use to describe the debilitating emotions that my mind concocts. My theory of objectification is primitive and my approach candid. You know the feeling of wanting to look away but you can’t.

I fit my body’s narrative by embracing my sexuality. I feel safe naked and in 27% Spandex.

Is this a take on feminism? Not explicitly, let’s leave her out. Sex workers objectify themselves and that is feminism in itself. We live in a porn-driven society. The patriarchy keeps God’s work in the shadows. Does it suck? Yes. Should feminists have problems with it? Yes. Do I have a problem with it? Yes. Is it just the way things are? Also yes.