Brittany Wang

Image: Unearthing Vulnerability– Collection Lineup

Unearthing Vulnerability

In the undertaking of further exploring vulnerability and the non-linear process of healing and acceptance that comes along with it, being brutally uncomfortable in my own skin was the only way out; to allow all the internal turmoil, conflict, and fighting, to fully release.The physical fruition of this subconscious process explains the narrative of multiple identities that exist within the same bodily vessel, a construction of subjective experiences and human connection.
The physical iterations and forms showcase the investigation of these strenuous tensions and the contrast of an ambiguous and often silent participation of healing through use of vulnerability.
Image: Look 1- Pieces Dress
Image: Look 4- Vision Dress
Image: Look 3- Pull Corset / Strain Pants
Video: Video/ Edit: Jacob Cabacungan


The heart of my work as an artist focuses on fabricating a narrative that is not only personally and subjectively involved, but calls for the participation of the audience to the same extent of engagement, to further inform and emphasize the overarching premise. To relay the story of a feeling so uncomfortably raw and vulnerable, evidently and simultaneously showcasing the oneness of human connection through experience and consciousness. In sullenly dark and distraught times, the affinity of interrelations are a result of conscious and intentional design composition.

Using design and art as a medium that is not only tactile and visually composed, but as a lineage between storytelling and personable connection in a non-verbal metaphorical approach, creates a landscape for internal screaming and overwhelming realization. Overlooking design as more than a practical and utilitarian necessity, the optical and tactile elements not only draw in the viewer visually, but are used to discernibly coax a conversation.