Dilara Yar Huryasar



1. the goddess of pleasure, enjoyment and delight
2. the root word for hedonism
there is a rebellion in living life in the pursuit of pleasure
Image: Moodboard & Visual Inspiration
Image: Excerpt from sketchbook
Visual inspiration ranges from my Turkish background such as the exhibition of excess in belly-dancing attire to traditional battle armor and subverting garments meant for protection from harm into a display of decadence. Silhouettes are influenced by underground nightlife, punk and goth subculture and forms of bodily mutilation, embodying the idea of omnicide — the extinction of man as a result of our own action — as a representation of both self-adornment and self-harm.
Image: Textile “collage”, developed using found objects and materials such as crystals, coins and chains and assembled with chainmail patterns and jewelry techniques to create a “fabric”
"adorned armor"
Image: Bead Loom textile sample; inspired by Turkish carpet weaving and developed using traditional weaving techniques; assembled with beads,crystals and other found materials
These concepts manifest into textile manipulations including embellished chainmail, trompe-l’oeil prints and leather molding all the while striving to use found materials in an effort to pursue pleasure in a more conscientious way.
Image: process of developing leather molds
Image: cyanotype prints, using 3D objects to create prints and embellishing to create a trompe-l’oeil effect
drapes inspired by forms of body modification and adornment using hardware mimicing that of piercing jewelry, etc. to create silhouettes and add structure; implementing prints onto drapes and ideations
Image: Preliminary Line-Up
Image: Looks 1-6
the lookbook
Photography: Mathilde Levistre
Videography: Isabella Beydoun
Aliya Hidirlar
Alexis Brabender
Andrea Vargas
Daniel Duboulay
Jeanette He
Yasemin Kurttepeli


dil | ara (persian: دل آرا-دلارا)

        ara – suffix, coming from the persian verb araidan (آراییدن), meaning adorner, beautifier, and embellisher

Dilara Yar Huryasar is a Costa Rican / Turkish-American artist and fashion designer based in New York City.

The roots of Dilara’s entanglement with fashion were planted by the very seed that it now feeds; the human form. The daughter of a sculptor, Dilara’s mother would bring her along as a child to live model sculpting sessions. Here, Dilara began to view the body as not something to behold but something to adorn.

Dilara is a graduate of the Bachelor’s of Fine Arts program at Parsons School of Design, majoring in Fashion Design and founder/designer of her eponymous brand, Dilara Yar with expectations to expand post-graduation.