Emma Wendorff

Video: Ephemera

Thesis Statement

Centered around the concept of impermanence, “Ephemera” aims to address the fragility of life while considering the beauty that can be found in both loss and time passed. This euphoric and ethereal collection looks at nature as a main source of inspiration. I found that most organic life follows a similar visual pattern: everything starts at a hub and gently disperses or spirals away, gradually distancing itself from the center. This movement creates energy that is visually appealing and mimics the nature of its existence. Asymmetry, organic shapes and lines, fabric hanging off the body, partial garments, and condensed prints that extend or distort outward are all elements within the collection that represent how life naturally falls apart. Transparency and layered fabric in conjunction with padded sections are implemented to incite opposition while also creating a comforting quality. Together the collection works as a system of garments, shoes, and accessories that are interchangeable, overlapping, and customizable.


Inspired equally by nature, emotion, and loss, my work focuses on evoking a dream-like nostalgia through clothing. Growing up as a quiet child, I spent most of my youth examining and honing in on details. This fascination has appeared as a motif through multiple facets of my artistic expression such as my experience as a makeup artist and textile designer.

Life and death, light and dark, dull and vivid, are opposing realities all around us.

Although they are opposite, to some extent, they are also partners, for when they are joined, the contrast creates interest. I question how to hold both truths simultaneously through dialectical thinking and quiet reflection. I seek to find the balance between tension and softness in my work, and this push and pull carries throughout my entire creative process.