Eugenia Otero

Throughout the years, I’ve started a journey of self-discovery, and became focused and dedicated to study the environment around me, my suppressed emotions, and my introverted personality to understand more about my inner self. I realized that I was accustomed to encapsulate and self-isolate as a way of protection from the overwhelming world around me. This voyage of unpacking the deeper context behind my introverted personality became the inspiration for my thesis.
My thesis showcases the metaphoric ductility of my findings after exploring deep into my emotional journey and analyzing my personal growth. The transition from being fragile and breakable, to becoming malleable and flexible symbolizes my self-improvement. The comparison juxtaposes what I once was (quiet, reserved, and isolated), to embracing who I am currently by breaking the mold, establishing my voice and presence within the outside world. I demonstrate this by creating a multi-media home decor project that utilizes tangible properties that will physically exhibit my emotional journey. I will utilize an eclectic array of sustainable materials such as: ceramics, alginate molding, and bio silicone in my project.