Rachel Ellenbogen

Video: Art Director: Agustina Pereira
Video: Mateo Márquez
Model: Mason Sadler
Photography:Alexandria Riesberg, Myu Inoue
Hair: Chika Yokoyama
Makeup: Yuka Ito
Music: Rachel Ellenbogen
Assistance: Avantika Malhotra

Crystals sponsored by Swarovski


Rachel Ellenbogen is a New York based designer and embroiderer inspired by color, texture and details. A recent graduate of Parsons fashion, her work in the materiality pathway focused heavily on embroidery and applique. Her favorite embroidery methods involve manipulating fabric, and creating mosaic-like images with seed beads, and discovering new ways to create those images with different materials and techniques.

Her focus in highschool on 2D work with colored pencil and collaging was a stepping stone to constructing images bead by bead using a tambour hook. Her interest in embroidery started when she wandered into a local bead store in 2018 and became obsessed with the colors and sparkle, and saw how the beads had potential as pixels.