Scyler Byrne


Welcome to Mythopoeia ༺☆༻

the making of a myth or myths.

I have always been fascinated by fairytales and the effect they have on us. Tales were originally made for adults as a way to solve problems of human nature, and children exposed to them were opened up to a world of complex morals they had never understood before.  Over time, they became something for children; they lost their darkness, and became synonymous with the child mind. So, the key theme within tales is metamorphosis. 

Metamorphosis drove my process:  I used lumen prints to reflect the transformation that occurs among us in response to tales. Lumens are photograms made on paper using UV light.  They take on the form of the object you place on it, and the image is ephemeral.   I allowed the images that form determine my print and color palette.  To create my own image, I found my own motif through illustrating tales and crocheting languid shapes that reflect them.
To create the silhouette for the modern fairy, I had to explore the dramatic contrast of a utopian fantasy, with something threatening and dystopian.  This led me to explore the hunter.  I merged ethereal silhouettes with tactical hunting garments, as well as created my own camo, resulting in a collection that reflects this metaphoric journey of light to dark, and plays with the idea of shapeshifting in tales and reality.


Metamorphosis within Fairy tales


Boxy, oversized fit and pockets represent the hunter
Long, narrow shape with flowy mesh, and languid crochet, represent the fairy


Forming my own lumen print process to create my prints


Final Prints and Lookbook
Image: Print 1: A lumen print made with crochet
Image: Print 2: My motif as a lumen print
Image: Print 3: Large scale crochet lumen
Image: Print 5: Lumen camo altered with watercolor