Zara Zaman

Sama is a skincare brand consisting of edible wearables that melt into one’s skin barrier through body heat.
Unlike most skincare brands, Sama follows a fully closed-loop lifecycle. The ingredients are locally sourced, then worn, applied to the skin, and finally consumed to replenish the body.
Find yourself refreshed, reenergized, renewed, and reset with fresh Ayurvedic ingredients found in each wearable. the skin barrier absorbs what it is surrounded by, therefore Sama wearables benefit the body inside and out.
The making, wearing, and eating of the wearables has been documented through four films. They capture careful preparation of ayurvedic dishes, fashion products as skincare, and extravagant edible environments. Sama is the bridge between food, design, and health.
Image: Re-energize Rose Cuff
Image: Renew Cinnamon Ring
Image: Refresh Honey Bangle
Image: Reset Butterfly Pea Neckpiece


Zara Zaman is an Indian/English American designer from San Diego, California. She is a recent graduate of the Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design in the Materiality pathway. Her interest in fashion materiality stems from her passion for cooking with fresh ingredients, spending time in nature, and Ayurvedic health and wellness.

Zara grew up learning about Ayurvedic remedies that were passed down from generation to generation. She amalgamates her wellness learnings into health-benefiting wearables. Her work emphasizes that one must find balance (samā) through what one wears and consumes while remaining environmentally conscious.

Zara hopes to continue learning about wellness and launch her edible skincare brand after graduating.