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The fashion dream has long been portrayed as a glamorous and exclusive world that only a few can be a part of. We’re told that if we pay our dues now that we’ll be rewarded with the job of our dreams. The fashion internship structure seems to follow this same pathway. But the reality is the fashion industry has been built on exploitation and marketing desirability. My thesis is a critical exploration of how the current fashion
internship structure undermines the sustainability and integrity of the fashion industry. Through an expository podcast series with educators, thought leaders, and students in fashion and a how-to guide meant to inform students and emerging talent in fashion on how to circumnavigate exploitative workplaces, I hope to change the narrative of the so-called “rite of passage” of unpaid fashion internships in the industry.
Image: Rite of Passage is a how-to guide meant to educate and support readers through the fashion industry’s unpaid internship structure. The goal of this guide is not to denounce the practice of unpaid internships entirely, but rather to help connect students and early career professionals with the resources and tools to avoid exploitative work and to better help them understand their working rights in the industry. Through this project, I hope to inform readers about what to expect before taking on an unpaid internship and how to defend their rights when it comes to facing exploitative situations. 

The Podcast

The Life of a Fashion Student podcast walks you through the realities of what it’s like to live and work in the fashion industry. Through expository conversations, anecdotes, and guidance through career advice and resources, host Kristina Ang, creates an environment where her audience can feel supported and confident about pursuing a career in fashion, an industry that is known for its exclusivity and inaccessibility. By breaking down stereotypes and stigmas about the industry and providing candor from the perspective of a student working in fashion, Kristina is giving her
audience the confidence to take control of their careers and pursue their greatest passions in life despite the obstacles surrounding them. 

In addition to the Rite of Passage guide, is the release of an expository interview series on the podcast between Kristina and special guests that are paving the way and dismantling the industry’s unpaid work culture. To listen to the following episodes, simply scan the QR codes beside the episode you want to hear and enjoy. Happy listening everyone! 
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Audio: Faidra Tzedakis: Production for R13 and Founder and CEO of DANAE
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Audio: Lauren Berger: Founder and CEO of Intern Queen, Career Queen, and the IQ Agency
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Audio: Giada Graziano: Founder and CEO of Glam Observer
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Audio: Justine Sweetman: Makeup Artist, Creative Producer and Founder of the Fashion Workers Initiative


Kristina Ang was born in Queens, New York. From a very early age, Kristina was determined to get her foot in the door of the fashion industry. Throughout her college journey at the Parsons School of Design, she has taken up jobs such as Design & Product Development Intern at Kassatex NYC, Intern at Sandy Liang, Design & Product Development Intern at The Arrivals, Fashion Team Intern at V Magazine, Public Relations Intern at Conti-Communications, and Apparel Design Intern at Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Currently, Kristina is working as an Education & Sustainable Strategies Intern at the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and is a mentee for the Women@Dior Women Leadership and Sustainability Program led by Christian Dior Couture and UNESCO. Although Kristina has racked up countless industry experiences, her curiosity to grow her knowledge of the industry is constantly growing.