Lulin Liu

Systems & Society


For my thesis, I was interested in exploring the different axes of my identity: culture and nationality (Taiwanese American), diasporic upbringing (American), and ethnic lineage (Hakka Chinese), & how they all collectively inform my individual experience. 
I reference historical Hakka Chinese dress while using persimmon dye and paste-resist printing (a dye and dye technique each with their own diasporic histories) as a way of reinscribing personal meaning into traditional craft.
Image: Creating stencils from original illustrations, later used with a resist dye technique to transfer an image onto fabric.
Image: Resist paste and paste application process
Image: An inverse method of image transfer: applying iron modifying solution through stencils to transfer a positive image on fabric.


Lulin Liu is a Taiwanese-American designer whose work is heavily rooted in the exploration of culture and identity.