Yikai Fu

Systems & Society
Image: Seizure splits me into pieces. However, the fragments of memories about being sick made my graduation work. I used the visual experience of being sick as inspiration for my work and it resonated with me.
Image: Inspired from the film "VERTIGO", I captured the dizzy moments and elements into my collage work. The sense of disorder and madness are the visual effects I would like to achieve. Eyes, the bleeding branches, and therapy equipments are essential to display that cooperate with my thesis.
The limbs feel intensively dragged by gravity. The seizure amplified the senses. Weightlessness and dragging sensation happened stimultanesouly.
Daydream is an illusion, it breaks easily. What wakes you up is not another dream, but the suffocating reality.


My name is Yikai Fu. I am a Y4 student who likes to play with textiles and structures. I am a expereince-based designer, which always be inspired from my personal experiences. The culture background and personal stories build who I am so that they naturally blended into my aesthetic and styles of designs.