Yuejia Du

Systems & Society
Social media brings joy to life, and so does anxiety. Do you get anxious on social media for various reasons? Many people lose themselves based on people-to-person influences, leading to self-doubt. Incorporate “cloud” as a metaphor to represent different selves. There are many kinds of clouds, each cloud is an individual, just like us. Find the way that makes you most comfortable.

The collection aims to inspire people to think about self-acceptance. Clouds represent different selves, starting with how I feel about “clouds”, and extending to how different people think of their “clouds” in the created fitting scenario, to experience and feel through the garments and make each piece a unique memory.

In the different scenes and artistic conceptions created by clouds, in connecting with personal vision and feeling, and finding the cloud of one’s own. Find the right balance between fantasy and reality. The original self, be the most comfortable state and keep this time in the form of long service, becoming the self testimony.